Individual Education Plan

Individual Education Plan

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed for each student who has been identified as exceptional by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) within 30 school days of the student’s identification. The IEP is reviewed and updated bi-annually at the beginning of each term/semester.

An IEP is a written plan. It is a working document that describes the strengths, needs and the specific educational expectations of a student with special education needs. It outlines the special education program and services required to meet that student’s needs, and how the program and services will be delivered. It also indicates how a student’s progress will be monitored.

The Individual Education Plan includes:

  • the strengths and needs that relate to the student’s learning;
  • relevant assessment data;
  • a list of the accommodations that the student requires to help him or her learn and demonstrate learning;
  • specific educational expectations if working at another grade level or on alternative expectations from the Ontario curriculum;
  • an outline of the special education program and services that will be received;
  • a statement about the methods by which the student’s progress will be reviewed; and
  • a transition plan.

When is the IEP developed?
The IEP is developed within 30 school days of placement in a special education program. It is updated in September/October of each school year and reviewed in each subsequent term. The principal must ensure that the student’s parents/guardians receive a copy of the plan. For more information, please contact your school principal.

Should parents/guardians provide input for the IEP?
The input of parents/guardians is required in order to develop the best IEP possible. Please contact your school to participate in your child’s IEP.

Where can parents obtain additional information?
Additional information can be obtained by contacting your school principal or

Superintendent of Special Education Programs and Services
Rainbow District School Board
Centre for Education
408 Wembley Drive
Sudbury, ON P3E 1P2
Phone: 705.674.3171