School Profile

School Profile

School Profile

A.B. Ellis Public School is located in Espanola, approximately 70 kilometers west of Sudbury in the La Cloche Foothills.  

Our school offers Ontario Curriculum programs infused with character education lessons delivered in English for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

We have two full-day Early Learning classrooms that provide our youngest students the chance to enjoy many play-based learning opportunities under the watchful guidance of our highly skilled educators.

Our school is also home to a thriving Intensive Support Program for students identified with intellectual disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder. These programs provide support for students living in Massey, Webbwood, Espanola, and surrounding areas. Staff in these programs receive extensive training in the area of special education in order to meet the needs of these exceptional learners.

Beginning in Grade 4, our students have the opportunity to learn either French or Ojibwe Language programming for 30-40 minutes each day. In addition to having instruction in these languages, students learn about the culture and history that these important groups have played in the building of our vibrant community.

We are pleased to provide a daily breakfast program for all of our students. This is made possible due to the dedication of our caring staff and the generous donations provided by Better Beginnings Better Futures, Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Giant Tiger, and partnerships with other local area businesses.

Our school hosts a wide variety of events including Fall Harvest Feast, Breakfast with Santa, Colour House activities, and a Talent Show. We have many school teams including volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, cross-country running, and track and field. We also have a guitar club, math club, EcoSchools club, Cardboard Boat Race competitions, and more. These activities give students many opportunities to develop social skills, friendships, commitment, and sportsmanship. Our students consistently make both their families and school staff proud when representing us as A.B. Ellis Flames!

A.B. Ellis Public School provides opportunities and programs that feed the mind, spirit, and body of each student in order for them to reach their potential and fulfill their aspirations. We are leaders in learning in Espanola, inspiring success for all.